Quick summary for those who may not want to read the whole thing:

2 days in Vegas

1 night at MGM, West Wing room was great, REALLY great bed. LaFemme bar has good free drinks with $10 in to VP machines, can play quarters for quite some time on that. Liked MGM and didn't think it was too big.

1 night at Ballys, north tower room. Nice, spacious, clean, not as comfy or inviting as MGM room. Wynn buffet=good for free, wouldn't pay more than $20 for it otherwise. Played some rapid roulette and it was good fun.

Spent about $300 gambling and came out about $100 behind. Lots of free drinks to show for it.


SAT: Arrived LAS 6:30 am, N/S flight from ANC, 1st class upgrade. 1st class service was great, loud obnoxious passengers across the row were not so great. No sleep for us but spent the flight in comfort with great snacks and free booze. Picked up rental at Alamo, got a good price on Priceline. Drove straight to Grand Canyon, stopped in Williams on the way to check into hotel. Spent afternoon thru sunset at canyon, Very beautiful - great weather - beware of temp. drop when the sun goes down, though! Stayed in Williams for the night.

SUN: Spent day with friends in Prescott, AZ, stayed the night. Had In & Out Burger for the first time and though it was delicious. Love the simple menu and animal style was great. Messy, but great.

MON: Left Prescott for Vegas, checked into MGM at 7:30. No line, friendly service received a N/S west wing room as requested. Had gotten a $59 rate through players club, included a couple of free drinks and $25 dining credit. We loved the West Wing - very modern with the most comfortable hotel bed we have ever slept in. Down-top feather bed with down comforter and tons of great pillows. Small rooms with king bed only, little or no view out small window and dark hallways. Front desk staffer made sure we knew what to expect - sounds like plenty of people don't care for the west wing. None of it bothered us - halls were actually nice and quiet, we don't care about the view.

As for the MGM, never stayed there and hadn't been through the casino in our last couple trips. I did not feel that it was much larger than most other casinos...it may be different had we been using the pool area, but between the parking garage, front desk, casino, and restaurant/shopping areas we rarely felt like we were walking 'forever'. Its Vegas...everything takes a long walk to get there.

We played video poker and blackjack at the LaFemme bar for a LONG time that night, had way too many comped drinks (good liquor - not the usual nasty rail stuff). All told we spent about $35 between the two of us and played two machines for at least two hours, had 5-6 cocktails each. Threw some money down at the roulette wheel, came out even after about an hour.

We walked over to Tropicana just to check it out before they close the place down. Not too impressed. Played a slot for a few minutes, broke even and cashed out. Stopped into NYNY, didn't feel like gambling there and it was pretty crowded in the casino. Went back to LaFemme bar at MGM for some more VP and a few too many drinks, then back to room to pass out in super comfy bed.

TUES: Used dining credit for room service breakfast. Eggs and toast were good, hashbrowns were disgusting. Somewhat disappointing but great not to have to leave the room and certainly good enough to help with the massive hangover. No problem getting a noon checkout.

Checked out of MGM, drove over to Bally's and checked in. Wished we could have stayed at the MGM in our West Wing room for another night but some big convention was checking in that day and rates skyrocketed. Got a $69 rate at Ballys so we went with that. Was given a NS north tower room as requested, no view (again don't care), but nice room. Very spacious and nice marble bathroom but quite boring and 'normal' compared to the west wing room. Bed was OK but a let down of course from the night before.

Spent the afternoon sleeping off the extra cocktails from night before and got up around 5pm to get some dinner. Went down to Wynn to use the 50 point slot promotion for a couple of dinner buffets. Stopped at tix4tonite at fashion show mall to see if there were tix for anything we wanted to see. There were tickets left for pretty much all of the usual shows, and this was around 6pm. Also some discounted MamaMia tix listed on the board too. We decided we didn't feel like going to a show, so headed over to the Wynn.

I loved the Wynn. I love the color and attention to detail in the decor. I can see how it may not appeal to all, and even my husband thought some things just looked 'cheap.' Oh well, to each his own. I joined the players club and we sat down at a 25cent slot. Put in $20 and after a few spins we won about $100. Moved machines and played for about 30 min. until we got our 50 points. Ended up $80 ahead and went to claim our two free dinner buffets.

We waited in line for about 45 min. (at 7pm) but didn't mind since Mr. Wynn was paying us $80 to try his buffet. Buffet room was really nice looking though a bit crowded. We were both less than impressed with the food and very happy that we hadn't paid full price for our buffets. Yes they have all you can eat king crab, but it's served cold and we get much larger and tastier crab up here all the time. The guys next to us left at least two pounds of crab behind - no wonder the buffet is so pricey. Risotto station was great and prime rib was good but most of the other dished were pretty mediocre. We were not impressed with the selection - I think there were better choices at the Bellagio lunch buffet we went to last time and I believe that only set us back $18. Deserts all looked great, but the few I tried were nothing to write home about. The crème brule was flying out of there, so that may have been quite tasty but I didn't have any. The buffet was certainly good enough for free but we would not go back and pay full price.

Left the Wynn, went back to Bally's and played rapid roulette for a couple of hours. We were doing pretty well, up about $100 (playing 50 cent chips), then cashed out $25 down. We had a good time, I thought it was more fun than playing at a table and dealing with chips. Low minimums were great. Retired early, got up and checked out around 9am. Went to Tuscany to redeem the comp $$ we had from last Oct. - we were going to grab some breakfast - but the $$ had magically disappeared. Was told in Oct. that the comps would be valid for our spring trip but I guess not. It was only about $15 but the lady was not nice at all and we will likely not be back..

Planned to return car early and eat at airport, but realized when we stopped for gas that I left a small bag in the room at Ballys. Had to go back for it and luckily it was still there - security was very nice and speedy to help out with getting back into the room. We sped back to the airport and made it to the security line with about an hour to spare before boarding. Line was HUGE!!! But it moved very fast so only took about 30 - 40 min to get through. There had to be at least 500 people in line at the time, just for the D gates. Same thing for the rest of the lines. Had just enough time to grab a sandwich before boarding the plane to head home.