Because of the shortage of trip reports I will try to recall my first trip to Sin City. 

I was traveling at the time with my then current lady friend and there had been an offer in the Anchorage newspaper for discounted rooms at the Circus Circus. Not knowing what to expect I called the 800 number and made the Reservation. We flew the redeye on Alaska Airlines with a change in SeaTac arriving around 10:00 A.M. Both legs of the flight were good and the temperature was in the mid fifties when we landed (it was minus 20 when we left). My lady friend and I were both slot players and I told my lady that I was going to play a $100 dollar slot machine while we were on this trip, my LF said I was a fool and I would be soon parted with my money.

There was a tremendous line for check-in and after 50 min. or so we had our room keys, the room was not remarkable in any way which gives creedence to the old adage "You get what you pay for".

I have always felt I should do the bulk of my gambling in the hotel where I am staying but there were just too many rug rats running around loose in the Casino for this to be pleasurable. I had considerable more luck than my LF as she was always coming over to where I was playing the dollar slots and complaining about having gone through a twenty in no time at all. I would give her a rack of dollar chips ($100) and tell her to have fun. I think she cashed them in for 5 twenties and then would play a twenty and return to me complaining again about her bad luck at which time I would repeat the process already described. Over the space of the trip I think she pocketed close to $1000 of my money because on our flight back she was bragging about being that much ahead for the trip and of course there was never any mention of paying me back for all of the money I gave her (one of the many reasons why she is an ex LF) We were going to be there for 4 days and three nights and I had brought 2K with me for gambling, food and entertainment My LF brought a total of $400 figuring she would gamble $100 a day and I would pay for everything else. 

We ate well during the trip but for the life of me I can't remember where except that we had breakfast at the Circus Circus buffet and I was surprized that we were able to keep down the slop they served. If you remember Vegas Vacation and cousin Eddies trip through the buffet were he recommended the blue stuff you have an idea of what we faced at that breakfast buffet.

We toured the strip seeing other hotels and played alot at the Stardust. I really liked the Stardust because it didn't put on airs pretending to be somthing other than a Casino, although I am in possesion of a Stardust ash tray that declares it to be th "World's Finest Resort Hotel" "A Recrion Resort".

On our next to the last day I was down to my last $500 and I decided it was now or never on the promise I had made. I found a $100 slot machine at the Stardust (there were two side by side) and give the woman running the high limit slot area a $100 bill and asked for one chip. Again my LF called me a fool and said she was going to the ladies room. I put the coin in the machine and pulled the handle, BAR BAR BAR dropped onto the payline and 5 coins fell into the tray.

I cashed them in for 5 bills and went to wait on the LF. When she heard what had happened she just shook her head and changed the subject.

The following day (our last) I was again down to my last $500 and I told her I needed to stop at the cash machine, she thought I meant the ATM and when I walked up to the High Limit area and asked for two $100 coins she said she didn't want to watch and went over to a baqnk of 25 cent machines to kill some time.

I put one coin into each of the $100 mmachines and pulled both handles at the same time. Both machines lined up with BAR BAR BAR and I cashed outthe 10 coins for bills. I had to go find my LF and drag her back to see the machines because she refused to believe I had hit both machines at the same time. 

We left for the airport a short while later and I felt good that the trip was not a total loss and that I would be returning with some money still in my pocket.

I hope you enjoy reading about his trip as much as I enjoyed putting it down for posterity. If things continue to be slow I may continue recounting past trips.