This is by memory but it was a good one so I'll share it. I was attending college in Pomona California and a couple friends of mine and I decided to make guys run to Vegas for a couple of nights. No significant cash between us so we opted for a cheaper vacation. After some checking, I found that the Sahara was our best option for a decent hotel on the strip with a decent pool.

The trip begins with a drive through the Mojave with the convertible top down. The heat wasn't bad until we hit Vegas and the first stop light. At that point, I think every bit of moisture spontaneously left our bodies. We were too early to check in and the closest hotel to this stop light was the Golden Nugget. We went in and immediately hit the men’s room to wash up. I don't remember too much of what happened during that day until we checked in at the Sahara. 

As I recall, the check went fine and we headed to the room. The room was also pretty average, which was better than finding it in a less than average state. Our first thought was to head to the pool for a drink and dip. When we got there, the pool was very basic and surrounded by totally worn out Astroturf. We grabbed a lounge chair and kicked back. After listening to a bunch of kids yelling Marco Polo for about an hour, we thought we'd suffered enough and finished our drinks and went back to the room to change. At that point, there was a thunder storm and the lifeguard closed the pool anyway, due the risk of lightening. 

The next stop was a little gambling and then some food. I had read about a way to play craps where you bet on the pass line for a couple of rolls and then bet on the don't pass line as soon as you feel the dice might be turning sour. This got me into an argument with the dealer. Eventually, I got tired of his crap and left. I think we had dinner in their buffet but can't remember for sure.

The next stop was a night club that I knew about called the Shark Club. It was very cool. Lot's of women and it was open all night, I think. It had a great light show and played decent, dance music. My buddies, who I'll call Chief and Weebs, had managed to get themselves pretty hammered (as I did too). At about 2 or 3 AM, we left and headed for some food (at Denny's of course). We recounted the day and headed back. I seem to remember waking up in the room at about 4 AM to the un-godly smell of alcohol. Our room literally smelled like a distillery. Fortunately, I was too tired to worry about it and fell back asleep.

In the morning, we hit the Sahara buffet, which was pretty good at the time and out for a little site seeing. At the time, the Mirage was pretty new and they were building the TI. The strip was considerably easier to navigate than now. We pulled into the Mirage and headed for a cool drink. I don't know the name of the bar but it has a lot of plants and a glass ceiling. Since they were playing a little Jimmy Buffet, we ordered ourselves some boat drinks. Parrot heads will know what I'm talking about. From here, we decided to rate the pools so we visited a few hotels and checked out their pools. We came to the unanimous agreement that the Tropicana had, by far, the coolest pool. They had cabanas, loud reggae music, and a swim up BJ bar. They also had young ladies and no one was yelling Marco Polo.

To close out the day, we ate at the Mirage buffet and then went downtown for some gaming. At that time, you could drive on Fremont because it was before they covered it. We played a little at the Golden Gate and then over at the Lady Luck, where we played baccarat for a couple of hours. I was doing pretty good. Chief, who was doing terrible, decided to copy me. Unfortunately, he only copied whether I bet on the bank or player. He didn't copy the amounts and he ended up losing. The funny part was when the dealer accidentally paid me and Chief was innocently trying to ask if we were supposed to get paid or not. I quickly gave Chief a good kick to the shin and the kept him quiet for a while. By about 11 PM, we were hammered and tired. We walked outside to the parking garage and got into the elevator. As we stood there thinking about stuff, we began to cook, like roasted turkeys, inside the elevator. After a few comments about how hot it was, I asked if anyone had hit any buttons. Apparently NOT!

Back to the room for a quick change and off to Sharks for more drinking and dancing. I don't remember much from that point. Hopefully, nothing will come back to haunt me later in life.

The next day, we packed up and headed home, with the top up and AC on.