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1OAK Nightclub

1OAK nightclub

In New York City, you may find yourself within the vicinity of an establishment known as 1OAK (1 of a Kind). Known for its lounge-like atmosphere, 1OAK NY presents the opportunity for patrons to sit back and relax with a cold beverage and pleasant company. While the formula works for the Big Apple, things run a bit differently in Las Vegas, and to survive in this energetic city, you need to have a higher energy then just a simple lounge. So, in the Las Vegas iteration of 1OAK, the makers have amped up the party while keeping the classy touches that make 1OAK's interior such a great conversation piece.

When you walk into 1OAK in the Mirage, which replaced the former JET nightclub, you'll get a mixed sense of having entered both a nightclub and a lounge. In the back of your mind, the booming music mixed with the club's numerous adornments will both confuse and entice you. The high end furnishings, fanciful decor, and mass of tables gives 1OAK its trademark lounge feel. For some conversation pieces, 1OAK displays artwork framed in classic looking brass frames. This is Vegas, though, so expect to find yourself sucked into the nightclub aspect of this premium club. Darker tones will make the clubs neon lighting stand out all the more, giving it its club feel.

1OAK Nightclub VIP Packages

1OAK Bottle Services

  • VIP Host
  • Limo Transfer to 1OAK
  • VIP Table at 1OAK
  • Bottle Service with mixers
  • Premium Seating
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VIP entry for Ladies

  • VIP Host
  • Limo transfer to 1OAK
  • 1OAK Nightclub Entry
  • No Line (includes cover)
  • 1OAK Nightclub tour
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1OAK acts like any other nightclub in the sense that it welcomes a party with a great atmosphere and energetic people. Where it differs is in the fact that the party can take place in two different rooms. While one room may feature a steady stream of hip-hop and Top 40 tunes, the second half - which is created through a divider that splits the club in two - may feature a completely different environment. No matter which room you'll be in, you'll be in the midst of a party that is bound to stick with you for quite a long time.

Much like other clubs in Sin City, 1OAK is outfitted with an assortment of VIP tables that offer first rate views of the club's dance floor. Patrons looking for a more secluded experience can spring for a VIP table near the second bar. While pricing for these booths and tables can be a little high, but the experience you'll come away with is far worth dropping a few extra dollars. Premium bottle service and the potential at being the center of attention is the truest form of Las Vegas' nightlife, and 1OAK can more than provide it.

Though 1OAK may have started off as a New York property, its trip to Vegas did little to keep it from fitting in with the slew of Sin City nightclubs in town. From a high energy atmosphere to an inviting look and feel, 1OAK has quickly become the it spot for those looking for a nightclub to party in.


Las Vegas Nightlife Packages

Girls Night Out

  • VIP Host
  • 1 hour limo cruise with LV Sign photo op
  • VIP entry to Chateau
  • VIP entry to Tryst
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Guys Night Out

  • VIP Host
  • 3 way limo transportation
  • VIP entry Pure, Tryst & Chateau
  • VIP entry to Sapphire Gentlemen's Club
  • No Line (includes cover)
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6 person min. Excludes holidays.