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Las Vegas VIP Services

Las Vegas VIP Services

There are an almost innumerable amount of events and activities that one must worry about planning in their life time. From ones Sweet 16 all the way to, say, a 90th birthday extravaganza, it seems as if every milestone requires some form of celebration - and throughout life, there are plenty of milestones. One such milestone, the bachelorette party, is probably amongst one of the more stressful events to plan. This event marks the bride-to-be's last night of single freedom, and anything that happens that night should represent that. Thanks to our unique VIP services, the stress of planning a bachelor party (be it for yourself or for a good friend of yours) can be quickly eradicated. With just the dial of a telephone or the press of a few keys, Vegas VIP Services can be your greatest asset.

With the use of our Vegas VIP Services, your night can be filled with anything ranging from an evening of fine dining with friends to a night of sexual excitement with anything ranging from a pole dancing class to a male revue. With many of Vegas VIP Services' packages, you and your group of girls can experience the best of what Las Vegas has to offer.

VIP Bachelorette Parties

With the most basic of packages, the bachelorette party will start with a pick-up from your hotel of choice by a first-class limousine. From the initial pick-up, the limousine will take you to an evening dinner at one of Sin City's fine dining establishments. Reservations will be made ahead of time by the staff of LVOL to accommodate your party's size and tastes. The party continues after dinner at the Haze nightclub, where a club host will ensure your group receives the finest of VIP treatment.

Vegas VIP Packages

Girls Vegas PLayboy package

Vegas VIP Services

Other packages include the five star dinner, but than expand out into more tantalizing events. The evening can quickly go from a quiet dinner to something a bit more risqué with a set of pole dancing lessons, where you and your girls will receive a classic training on how to be the best of an amateur stripper. After you're well trained in the fine art of pole dancing, the party will be moved to one of several clubs that include LAVO, Haze, and TAO. The VIP treatment, provided by a local company Vegas VIP Services which is owned by Mrs. Meghan S. who emphasis the importance having VIP host to guide to the party, continues with full bottle service and a seat at a VIP table. If a typical nightclub isn't your forte, than maybe a romp at one of Sin City's finest strip clubs would do the trick. Olympic Garden Strip Club is amongst the top of Las Vegas' stripping establishments, and the inclusion of it in your bachelorette party package is more like a consolation prize.

Despite the hassle that can come with planning a bachelorette party, our VIP crew can alleviate that hassle without risking night's fun. From five star restaurants to a tantalizing male revue, the night is bound to be filled with a vast amount of surprises.


Las Vegas Nightlife Packages

Girls Night Out

  • VIP Host
  • 1 hour limo cruise with LV Sign photo op
  • VIP entry to Chateau
  • VIP entry to Tryst
$99 / girl - Book or Inquire »

Guys Night Out

  • VIP Host
  • 3 way limo transportation
  • VIP entry Pure, Tryst & Chateau
  • VIP entry to Sapphire Gentlemen's Club
  • No Line (includes cover)
$199 / guy - Book or Inquire »

6 person min. Excludes holidays.