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Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Vegas bachelorette party

So, you're boyfriend finally put down his gaming controller, dropped lazily to one knee, and popped the big question to you - and despite the complete lack of a diamond, for whatever reason - let's call it love - you said yes. While you may not have gotten the bling you deserve, that doesn't mean every aspect of the whole wedding "process" needs to be just as underwhelming. When it's time for your Maid of Honor to put together a bachelorette party for you, there are just a few activities that she needs to keep in mind.

"Strip" isn't a Four Letter Word

The strip club is the coveted do-all, end-all for most Las Vegas bachelorette parties. At these lust-filled venues, you'll be treated to a fine array of the local hotties, all of whom are looking for the right girl to prey on. Once their eyes lock onto your entourage, who will inevitably be screaming about your "Bride to Be" status, you know the night is going to get heated.

Depending on the club you attend, you may find yourself pulled onto the stage to partake in a little up close and personal dance routine. Expect your senses to be completely violated by your shameless dancer as he grinds and presses against as much of your body as possible. Of course, while you may feel like the hottest chick in the room, the guy is performing for a little green, so make sure your friends tip him well for the sweaty show he puts on for you.

A local website which is specializing girls night out planning sugges that depending on your tastes, it can also be arranged that a stripper personally visit your hotel room and put on an extremely risqué show. These are the types of events that spawned quotes like "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" quote, so be sure to know what you're getting yourself into beforehand.

Bachelorette Party Packages

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Guaranteed Free Drinks

If you strut your stuff through the entrance of a nightclub on any normal night, chances are - if you're looking hot enough - you'll find yourself with several free drinks in hand. Think, than, what your night would be like with a neon "Bachelorette" sash around your neck and a flashing button pinned to your chest. To all the single men around you, your presence instantly creates a much sought after challenge for them. They'll scheme up ways to take you away from your unsuspecting fiancé - and through their fruitless efforts, you'll get wasted. With the right group of girls by your side, you don't have to worry about regrets, so take those free beverages as they come. Most Las Vegas nightclubs are always looking for ways to spice up the party, and throwing a smoking bachelorette into the mix is only going to heat up all the John Doe's in the club.

Unless you have some unfortunate amount of bad luck, there is little room for error during your bachelorette party. Just remember to prep for your night on the town by asking (rather demanding) a few hours at a local spa and salon, courtesy of your bridal party, of course.


Las Vegas Nightlife Packages

Girls Night Out

  • VIP Host
  • 1 hour limo cruise with LV Sign photo op
  • VIP entry to Chateau
  • VIP entry to Tryst
$99 / girl - Book or Inquire »

Guys Night Out

  • VIP Host
  • 3 way limo transportation
  • VIP entry Pure, Tryst & Chateau
  • VIP entry to Sapphire Gentlemen's Club
  • No Line (includes cover)
$199 / guy - Book or Inquire »

6 person min. Excludes holidays.