Coyote Ugly

New York - New York
3790 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
A southern style bar and dance saloon featuring hot female bartenders who have elevated pouring drinks to an art form. If energy and excitement in its rawest form excites you, then this is one place that you should not miss.

Happy Hour 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Cover: Varies
Hours: Open 6:00pm to late

Chuck's Review:
Coyote Ugly is located inside the NY, NY Hotel & Casino. It is a friendly, country-looking bar where the women are definitely in charge. The all-female bar staff puts on a terrific show with their bar dancing and drink pouring. Before the club opened, there was a huge talent search to find the right women with the right attitude.

Coyote Ugly is based on the famous New York bar of the same name. The bar got national notoriety when the movie came out about the bar. In this wake of fame came the club here in Vegas.

It's a pretty decent place to hang out. The ratio between men and women is fairly equal. The men come to watch the women cut loose and dance on the bar; and the women come in order to cut loose and dance on the bar. Women like the atmosphere in Coyote Ugly because it is a place where women get to be dominating. The men don't get to dance on the bar, but that's really okay. Most of the men just like watching.

There is a small floor space for dancing, but it isn't really practical. The place fills up pretty quickly and then there's no room to dance after that anyway.

The cover is $30, which seems a tad steep compared to all of the other nightclubs. There is no DJ; just jukebox music which is played very loudly. Conversation is just about impossible.

Women are encouraged to leave their bras for the "Bra Wall of Fame,"� and men are encouraged to leave their neckties. Coyote Ugly is a place to dress down and have fun. The crowd is often sprayed with water, so your best suit and dress may not be appropriate.

Coyote Ugly is a novelty bar with the novelty being the female bar staff. It has a nice low-down party atmosphere. The place is a little small and the cover is a little high, but the crowded atmosphere is part of the fun.

(From 2003)

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Indefinite     Fun Lounge with Lots of Lovely Ladies!  A southern-style bar and dance saloon featuring hot female bartenders who have elevated pouring drinks to an art form. Like its New York City namesake, each night sexy, sassy, tough talking Coyote Ugly bartenders ascend the bar to perform a bold show filled with stunts ranging from body shots to clogging and choreographed dance numbers, all while inviting customer interaction.  Opens 6pm w/happy hour Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm. Cover charge pending on special events. 21+  

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