List Of Las Vegas Lounge Entertainment

Listed by date. Click on lounge name for more information.

Jan 24 Fri   Steve Bonacci 8pm-12am Free Show 
Jan 24 Fri   John Allred  5pm 
Jan 25 Sat   Steve Bonacci 8pm-12am Free Show 
Jan 25 Sat   Bruno and The Hooligans 8pm Tickets from $19.95 +tax & fee 
Jan 25 Sat   John Allred  5pm 
Jan 30 Thu   SJ & The Ruckus 6pm Always Free! 
Jan 31 Fri   John Allred  8pm-12am Free Show 
Jan 31 Fri   Talmadge 5pm 
Jan 31 Fri   Tresure 6pm 
Feb 01 Sat   John Allred  8pm-12am Free Show 
Feb 01 Sat   Talmadge 5pm 
Feb 01 Sat   Tresure 6pm 
Feb 07 Fri   Dean Bradley 8pm-12am Free Show 
Feb 07 Fri   Block Party  6pm 
Feb 08 Sat   Dean Bradley 8pm-12am Free Show 
Feb 08 Sat   Block Party  6pm 
Feb 14 Fri   Cat Daddy Duo 8pm-12am Free Show 
Feb 14 Fri   Dean Bradley 5pm 
Feb 14 Fri   Front Page 6pm 
Feb 15 Sat   Cat Daddy Duo 8pm-12am Free Show 
Feb 15 Sat   Dean Bradley 5pm 
Feb 15 Sat   Front Page 6pm 
Feb 21 Fri   Cory Brown 8pm-12am Free Show 
Feb 21 Fri   Chase & The Pursuit 6pm 
Feb 21 Fri   Randy Willams 5pm 
Feb 22 Sat   Cory Brown 8pm-12am Free Show 
Feb 22 Sat   Chase & The Pursuit 6pm 
Feb 22 Sat   Randy Willams 5pm