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Though it initially may not seem like a good thing, Las Vegas was built on the basic concepts behind several of the Seven Deadly Sins. Greed, Pride, Lust, Gluttony – each sin has played some part in the success of this desert metropolis. Mostly, each establishment houses and makes its living off of more than one of these Christian ethics. Amongst these successful businesses are the coveted and rather lust-filled strip clubs. Scattered all over town, found typically closer to the Strip, Las Vegas strip clubs are high end establishments that focus on a few of the extravagances in life - half-naked beautiful women and an endless amount of alcohol.

Each club is connected by one similarity – they all employee Vegas' most eye catching beauties. Beyond that, though, every club is unique in their own ways. Where one club may focus on all natural curvy blondes, another may cater to a crowd that seeks out an assortment of enhanced beauties. In the long run, though, no matter the tastes of the individual, they will have somewhere to retreat to when the working day is through.

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What essentially separates Las Vegas strip clubs from others is the fact that these Vegas-based establishments are enhanced by extravagant décor and a nightclub-style atmosphere. Where out of town strip clubs practically force its patrons to face the stage and the moderately attractive dancer forcing her way through a shoddy routine, a Las Vegas strip club gives its patrons the opportunity to find entertainment elsewhere in the club. With expertly trained and celebrity guest DJs spinning a mix of booming house, Top 40, and Hip Hop music, the strippers may end up not being the only person dancing in the club. Bars fully stocked with premium liquor and high end beers ensure that anybody that walks through the main door will be able to leave all inhibitions behind and completely enjoy the experience.

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Vegas is not a town built on sexism, so it should be no surprise that several of the hottest strip clubs in town also house the city's most popular male revues. The Men of Sapphire and the Men of Olympus are two differing shows that all offer the women of Las Vegas the same thing – a chance to watch some hunky men strip down to their skivvies. Though strip clubs are typically known for their lack of "production value", these revues spare no expense.

When strip club hopping through Las Vegas, there are several names that need to be kept in mind. Sapphire, Treasures, and Olympic Gardens are three of Sin City's hottest joints, and play home to the most gorgeous girls one could witness. The Hustler Club, while not entirely a strip club in the strictest of senses, gives its patrons the option to ogle completely nude waitress – which, unfortunately, also negates the ability to indulge in any alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, though, you sacrifice a little to gain a little. Visit this website to find out more.


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  • VIP Host
  • 1 hour limo cruise with LV Sign photo op
  • VIP entry to Chateau
  • VIP entry to Tryst
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  • VIP Host
  • 3 way limo transportation
  • VIP entry Pure, Tryst & Chateau
  • VIP entry to Sapphire Gentlemen's Club
  • No Line (includes cover)
$199 / guy - Book or Inquire »

6 person min. Excludes holidays.