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TAO Nightclub

TAO nightclub

It's one of the oldest nightclubs on the Strip and you would not be able to tell by looking at it. Breaking through the timeframe that sees the decline of most nightclubs, TAO at the Venetian has thrived through its lengthy lifespan. With a constant line at its doors that snakes through the Venice-themed resort's entry foyer, TAO's near 6 year history in the Venetian is one filled with successes that most nightclubs can only dream of. It may not be the prettiest or most spacious club on the Strip, but TAO certainly works at being the best.

TAO's atmosphere as you first walk through its doors is nothing short of welcoming. Gorgeous women covered in little more than flower pedals put on a show within pristine bathtubs, giving you the sense that things can only go uphill from here. Beyond this tantalizing display, you'll find yourself faced with mass of people so large you'll think you've entered a completely different building. Size isn't everything at TAO, though, and while the crowd is always massive and may seem bigger then most clubs, the venue's space isn't that much larger. It just attracts a heavier volume.

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TAO Bottle Services

  • VIP Host
  • Limo Transfer to TAO
  • VIP Table at TAO
  • Bottle Service with mixers
  • Premium Seating
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VIP entry for Ladies

  • VIP Host
  • TAO Nightclub Entry
  • No Line (includes cover)
  • TAO Nightclub tour
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The main appeal at this premier nightclub rest beyond simple décor and amenities – it's the energy. The moment you step foot inside the club, you find yourself sucked into the massive party. Shuffling feet, body bumping, and a whole lot of grinding are what keep this party hopping, and though the dance floor may be a packed space, it does little from deterring more people from hopping on. With a never ending stream of hip-hop and rock mash-ups fueling the party fire, it's almost impossible not to want to join in on the action despite the lack of space. In short, TAO is not a club for claustrophobics.

If you're going to experience TAO in all of its glory, then you'll want to do so in the comfort of a VIP table. Sure, springing for bottle service and VIP seating may be a little pricey, but it will all be worth it in the end when you find your arms wrapped around a hottie that, on any other given day, would have overlooked your presence without question. From the VIP table is where you'll truly be able to drink in TAO's décor, and it is a site that requires a little time to be understood. An assortment of Buddha statues make up the bulk of the décor and, really, retract from the Venice theme that the club's housing resort works so hard to establish.

If you want to experience a taste of Las Vegas, then there is no other place that offers as accurate an experience as the Venetian's TAO. Its over-crowdedness only helps to keep the party going and the long line outside the door only serves to pique the curiosity of passerby's that would otherwise turn their heads. TAO is Vegas, and judging by its popularity, will be for quite some time to come.


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Girls Night Out

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  • VIP entry to Tryst
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Guys Night Out

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  • 3 way limo transportation
  • VIP entry Pure, Tryst & Chateau
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