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Las Vegas is well known for its abundance of opulence and extravagance with its abundance of classy nightclubs, five star restaurants, and intricately decorated resorts and casinos. For a real taste of the highest end of what Las Vegas has to offer, you’ll need to make your way down to the far end of the Strip, Designed under the vision of multi-millionaire hotel mogul Steve Wynn, the Encore is a location that settles for nothing less than brilliance. Within the walls of this 160,000 plus-square foot property is a nightclub that shows just how little is spared in a Steve Wynn establishment. XS has been voted the No. 1 nightclub in the city of Las Vegas, and once you walk through its inviting doors, you’re going to see why.

xs nightclub botttle services
Bottle Service at XS

When you first step foot into XS, you’re going to wonder to yourself why somebody would go through the trouble of decorating an entire nightclub in gold-painted adornments. As you get closer to these fixtures, though, your mind will be blown to find that not one golden element in this nightclub is achieved through cheap gold paint. From the nude statues of former XS female employees to embossing in the clubs crocodile-skinned VIP booths, real gold is implemented, making XS one of the most, if not the most expensive nightclubs in Sin City. The gold plating is simply an eye catching element, though, and does not make up the true reason as to why people wait hours on end just to try and get through the doors.

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  • Bottle Service with mixers
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  • XS Nightclub Entry
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The atmosphere at XS is surprisingly not one fueled by the pompous and egotistical rich patrons of Las Vegas. While it doesn’t hurt to have some money under your belt when visiting this extravagant location, one does not need to be as rich as Roosevelt to enjoy the club’s subtle pleasantries. Starting on the exterior, XS offers an outdoor space of comfort to take a load off after a night of continuous dancing and non-stop partying. Every Sunday night during the summer months, XS shuts down its interior space and forces its party to remain poolside. During this event, guest will be able to cool off in the crisp water of the XS pool or dance the night away in little more than their swimwear.

xs nightclub pool
Pool at XS

Back in the interior of the club, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the centerpiece hanging from the building’s ceiling. This 10-foot rotating chandelier accents the sheer lavishness of XS, but not as much as the club’s signature $10,000 beverage. A mix of limited edition cognac and Dom Perignon champagne are the make-up of this expensive beverage, which comes with a pair of sterling silver cufflinks and an 18k white gold chain women’s necklace, both ornamented with the XS logo.

The party at XS is one of the more inviting in Vegas, making it a shame that the club is so hard to get into. Some nights, ones only hope of even entering the club banks on the purchase of a premium bottle service.


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