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Downtown Container Park
707 E Fremont St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Hours: Retail: Mon-Thur 11am to 9pm, Fri & Sat 11am to 10pm, Sun 11am to 8pm;
Food & Beverage: Sun-Thur 11am to 11pm, Fri & Sat 11am to 1am

Container Park is the Newest innovative shopping experience and has just opened it's doors with the anticipation of many new and unique owners to come. A collective community in support of of creative individuals starting up new small businesses and displaying interesting ideas in their own cozy 250 square foot space. There will be approximately 46 quaint shops along with live entertainment and several food spots all contributing to a fascinating shopping experience just blocks east of the Fremont Street Experience.

Store Directory:

Suite 1070
     Women's Apparel
American Vagabond    
Phone: 702-816-8200    
Suite 1090
     Accessories Women's Apparel
Art Box    
Phone: 702-789-7115    
Suite 2320
     Art & Collectibles Jewelry & Accessories
Bettie Page Boutique    
Suite 2300
     Accessories Women's Apparel
Bettie Page Footwere    
Suite 1340
Big Ern's BBQ    
Phone: 702-834-7845    
Suite 1230
     Restaurants & Food
bin 702    
Phone: 702-826-2702    
Suite 1220
     Restaurants & Food
Blue Raven Boutique    
Phone: 702-767-8127    
Suite 3340
     Accessories Women's Apparel
Suite 1100
     Cards & Gifts
Bolt Barbers Monkey Train    
Phone: 702-988-2233    
Suite 1140
Phone: 702-513-3093    
Suite 2090
     Women's Apparel
Suite 2260
Phone: 702-527-5799    
Suite 1050
     Restaurants & Food
Phone: 702-900-7873    
Suite 1300
     Restaurants & Food
Crazy Legs    
Phone: 702-722-2700    
Suite 2330
     Women's Apparel
Suite 1310
     Restaurants & Food
Flowers Investment Company    
Suite 1330
     Art & Collectibles
Suite 2290
     Jewelry & Accessories
Jessica Galindo Fine Art    
Suite 2080
     Accessories Art & Collectibles
JinJu Chocolates    
Phone: 702-348-9407    
Suite 2280
     Restaurants & Food Specialty
Jojo's Jerky    
Suite 1080
     Restaurants & Food
Las Vegas Kettle Corn    
Suite 1280
     Restaurants & Food
Lead In The Window    
Suite 2250
Lil Art Bodega    
Suite 2230
     Art & Collectibles
Loveless Collective LLC    
Suite 2260
     Art & Collectibles
Phone: 702-530-3025    
Suite 3320
     Accessories Men's Apparel Women's Apparel
Oak & Ivy    
Suite 1120
     Restaurants & Food
Pinches Tacos    
Phone: 702-910-3100    
Suite 1060
     Restaurants & Food
Simply Pure    
Suite 2310
     Restaurants & Food
Sweet Spot Candy Shop    
Phone: 702-324-2777    
Suite 1290
     Restaurants & Food
The High Points Gallery    
Suite 2240
     Art & Collectibles
The Perch     
Suite 2170
     Restaurants & Food
The Rusty Nail     
Phone: 702-521-4209    
Suite 3330
     Housewares & Home
The Vapor Loft    
Phone: 702-445-7400    
Suite 2100
An award-winning vape shop focused on top-tier electronic cigarettes, premium eliquids, and unique vaping accessories.
Trikke Las Vegas    
Suite 1130
     Cards & Gifts
Winky Design    
Suite 2070
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