Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

16395 Bonnie Springs Road
Bonnie Springs, NV 89004
16 Miles West of Las Vegas
Phone: 702-875-4191

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Old Nevada
The joy and adventure of visiting Old Nevada really begins as soon as you start from Las Vegas. In the thirty minutes it will take to reach our town, you will experience a desert wonderland of cacti, plants and unique trees; The Yucca, the Barrel Cactus, the Prickley Pear and the Joshua. You'll see what is called The Lord's Candle, The long stem that grows out of the center will burn for hours like a torch. The prospectors and settlers used them for light long before lanterns were abundant or even available.

When you reach Old Nevada you'll see that we are nestled at the foot of majestic peaks. The colorful bluffs are a monument of historic mysteries. In fact, from the porch of our museum you'll see a door-like slab carved in the face of one of our peaks. The logical speculation is that it was an Indian altar but no one knows for sure. It is these, however, and things like this that make a visit to Old Nevada so wonderfully unusual and so enjoyable to young and old alike.

If you're lucky you'll see some of Nevada's wild life that roams free beyond the canyon walls. There's wild donkeys, horses, coyotes, polecats, badger, deer, elk, and big horn sheep. And, along with poisonous sidewinders and Green Mojave there's the only poisonous lizard in the United States--The Gila Monster.

Inside Old Nevada you'll find no false fronts. We pride ourselves in being a real town. Along with our restaurants, saloon, and shops, there are also museums, At Old Nevada we boast a very special enchantment--You don't look at the Old West, you live it.

Features of Old Nevada include:
Gunfights in the Streets
1880 Melodrama
Miniature Train
U.S. Post Office
Blacksmith Display
Saloon & Beer Parlor
Shops for Shopping
Cactus Garden
Opera House
2 Museums
Shooting Gallery
Boot Hill Cemetery
Old Nevada Stamp Mill
Old Nevada Chapel

For More Information Call (702) 875-4191

Bonnie Springs Ranch
Bonnie Springs Ranch was originally built in 1843 as a stopover for the wagon trains going to California down the Old Spanish Trail. In 1846 General Fremont, on his way to California, stopped at what is now Bonnie Springs Ranch to gear up for his trip through Death Valley. Since 1952 the ranch has been used as a tourist attraction. Often called "an oasis in the desert," where you can stop for a cool drink of spring water. Today the grounds are a delight for locals and tourists alike. There is a fine dinner house and a quaint cocktail lounge. We have the greatest array of animals for you to pet and feed in our zoo. Both usual and unusual farm animals, and all for free. We have a large stable of horses for your riding pleasure, through thousands of acres of mountains and desert.

Features of Bonnie Springs Ranch include:
Petting Zoo
Large Animal Zoo
Duck Pond
Bird Aviary
Cocktail Lounge
Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Walk the Grounds
Visit Old Nevada Village
Riding Stables - Guided Rides

For More Information Call (702) 875-4191

Bonnie Springs Motel
Family Units Available with Kitchens
Rooms Available with 1 King or 2 Double Beds
Theme Rooms with Jet Tubs
Breakfast Ride for Registered Guests
The Excitement of Old Nevada

For More Information About the Motel Call (702) 875-4400

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