Fountains at Bellagio

Fountains at Bellagio

3400 Las Vegas Blvd S.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702-791-7111

Type: Attractions

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Over a thousand soaring fountains fill Bellagio's lake,
enhanced at nightfall by color and light. Accompanying this water ballet is the,music of composers such as Copland and Strauss and vocalists such as Luciano Pavarotti. Shows every half hour in the afternoons and every 15 minutes in the evenings. FREE!

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Earlier Review / 2018-03-28, 06:42 PM

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9.6 "A must see."

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  • +The fountains are a must see for anyone young and old. Be sure to stand out front on the sidewalk to get the full effect. They are breath taking!
    Beautiful to behold -- if you can fight your way through the crowd to see them.
    This is a free attraction, so every Tom, Dick and Harry in Vegas is trying to push his way to the edge of the water to watch the display.
    The best way to defeat this is to view the fountains from the Bellagio side, rather than the strip side. Right after the fountains conclude, there are usually a few spots where you can stand next to the water. You'll have to wait 10 minutes for the next show, but who cares? It beats trying to peak over 600 people on a packed sidewalk.
  • -To many people sometimes.

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