Kelso CA

Kelso CA

Kelbaker Road
Kelso, CA
35 miles SE of Baker on Kelbaker Road
Phone: 760-252-6108

Type: Ghost Towns

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Very few original buildings remaining in Kelso but the Kelso train depot has been restored and is open daily (except Christmas Day), 9 5 p.m. It's former dormitory rooms contain exhibits describing the cultural and natural history of the surrounding desert. The baggage room, ticket office and two dormitory rooms have been historically furnished to illustrate life in the depot in the first half of the twentieth century. A 12-minute orientation film is shown in the theater.

Basement gallery space features rotating fine art collections by local artists, focusing on the cultural history and natural splendors of Mojave National Preserve.

Also the Kelso Depot lunch counter, The Beanery, is back in business and has been restored to its 1924 appearance.

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